Motor Vehicle Suspension Systems/Lift Kits for 2019

A vehicle’s suspension system plays a pivotal role in making certain that driving your car, truck, or SUV is both safe and smooth. Suspension systems ensure that an ideal amount of friction exists between your tires and the road being travelled. This system is responsible for giving drivers a stable vehicle performance and effortless handling. With that in mind, upgrading your ride’s suspension system can prove to be tricky. There are multiple brands and types of systems to choose from. Of course, selecting a particular product depends on your specific needs but in general, integrating an upgrade will improve stability and generate an aggressive stance. In this article, we discuss some the most highly regarded and beneficial suspension components in 2019 that will certainly optimize vehicle operations.

Coilover Suspension Systems

The coilover suspension system is well known for versatility and precision. Coilovers, which mean “coil spring over strut,” incorporate a custom shock absorber and an adjustable spring to improve driving safety and comfort. Springs, shocks, linkage, and the bushings are what typically make up a suspension system. The springs efficiently support the weight of the vehicle and absorb road bumps while the shocks assist in reducing unwanted spring movement. Meanwhile, the linkage and bushings make certain that the relative motion of the wheels to the vehicle body is properly managed. Typically, stock suspensions have springs that are designated on a fixed spring perch, which is the lower support area where it sits. But with coilovers installed, the spring perch is made adjustable to allow the vehicle ride height to be raised or lowered based on the driver’s discretion.

Highly regarded for providing accurate height adjustment along with versatile compression and rebound adjustment, the KW Variant 3 Coilover Kit is certain to be a precise fit to a variety of driving styles. Guaranteed to be of top-level quality, this coilover kit is known to be thoroughly assessed on country roads, motorways and race tracks. The Bilstein B14 Series, PSS Coilover Kit is an excellent option if you are looking for a daily-driving efficient coilover that has a well-framed gas shock absorber. With a robust aluminum construction, the B14 series Coilover Suspension Kit certifies a long-lasting quality to match the precise height adjustment features.

Another outstanding choice is the Megan Racing EZ Street Coilovers, which give the driver 15 levels of adjustable damping, adjustable ride height and ideal spring rates for street dominance. On top of these features, this coilover kit is an outstandingly cost-efficient option. Lastly, the Eibach Pro Street Coilover Kit incorporates an effortless adjustment knob to appropriately drop or lift the ride height. Users can simultaneously lower the vehicle’s four corners or adjust the height from front to rear or side to side for a powerful stance and driving stability. By installing the Pro Street Coilovers, you’re ensured of a sporty performance that never compromises comfort.

Air Suspension Systems

An alternative to coil springs, air suspension kits incorporate airbags that are made using a rubber and polyurethane composite to generate a smooth driving experience. This suspension system has various components such as the air compressor, air lines, and the solenoids working simultaneously to give drivers better stability, a comfortable feel, and an overall secure driving experience. Upgrading to an air suspension system allows drivers to modify the level of hardness and softness of their vehicle while granting a larger tuning range for load capacity and air spring rate. An Air Suspension System comes in three variants. The Double-Convoluted Air Suspension incorporates two air bags connected by a short stroke to overcome heavy weight. Used mostly on heavy-duty trucks, this air suspension system is often incorporated at the front of the vehicle.

The second one is the tapered sleeve air suspension that is utilized at the vehicle’s rear suspension. This system is designed conical for improved ride height adjustment and to significantly enhance a car’s drive and take it up to a luxury level. Finally, we have the rolling sleeve air suspension. Integrated in the rear suspension, this system greatly benefits sports cars through a more controlled driving and an improved grip on the road they travel on.

One of the most trusted brands when it comes to air suspension systems is Air Lift. The company has established a large collection of top-notch air suspensions to choose from, including the Air Lift LoadLifter, which incorporates adjustable air helper springs to balance the vehicle weight and bring forth a more stable and comfortable drive quality. With a straightforward installation, this system allows air to be adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI and has a levelling capacity of up to 5,000 lbs. Whether it’s for towing or transporting heavy equipment, the Air Lift LoadLifter significantly reduces sag and certifies long-lasting efficiency.

Another amazing suspension system by Air Lift is the Series 1000 Rear Spring Kit, which enhances your driving experience by eliminating squat, trailer sway, and bottoming out. This exceptional kit is designed to have a reliable levelling capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. Established in variety, the Air Lift 1000 Series emphasize on adaptability as they fit just about any coil sprung vehicle. Additionally, the Timbren suspension enhancement system (SES) is also an exceptional choice for a dependable air suspension kit that enhances ride comfort even when driving loaded. With a load capacity of up to 8,600 lbs, this air suspension system will reduce bouncing and bottoming out while eliminating sag and sway when towing. By installing the SES, you’ll definitely see an increase in load handling along with better stability.

Lift Kits

For truck owners aiming to raise their ride’s profile, improve ground clearance, and ensure reliable drivability when larger tires are installed, a lift kit would be a superb solution. With a lift kit incorporated, your truck will look more aggressive and will be more effective in off-road and extreme driving conditions than standard trucks. Multiple lift kit configurations have been engineered to precisely suit different needs and preferences. Selecting the most constructive one depends on a lot of factors such as how high you want your truck to go and if your truck is to be used for the highway or for off-road terrain. Users would need to consider if their lifted vehicle is just for show or if it will function as a work truck.

One of the most well regarded lift kits in 2019 is the Fabtech Spindle Lift System, which raises up to four and a half inches to give your truck or SUV a more dominant stance. Integrating a press-in axle snub system, this innovation is resilient and works effectively with stock or oversized tire sizes. The Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit is another highly regarded option, especially for Jeep owners who are looking to mount monster size tires for off-road driving. This lift kit comes with rear sway bar links, rear track bar bracket, coil spring spacers, brake line brackets, and all the necessary hardware for a straightforward installation that takes just mere three hours to complete.

Furthermore, the ReadyLift SST or Smart Suspension System Lift Kit offers a heavy-duty design to effectively generate a lifted-but-level stance with the proper clearance for bulky tire sizes. Engineered to simultaneously maintain the original factory ride, this kit comes with forged torsion bar keys, top mount strut extensions, or robust coil spacers for the front, depending on your year and model. With regards to your specific application, it may also come with ideal height shock extension brackets. What’s more, rear lift blocks are also included to bestow the appropriate rear clearance for heavy-duty towing. Other renowned brands that are trusted in the industry for generating top notch lift kits include Pro Comp, SkyJacker, Tuff Country, and Rancho.

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