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What kinds of Audio & Electronics options do we have?

A lot. We know that after you've tacked on multiple interior and exterior accessories and have the most luminous lights in the industry, you still won't be satisfied. We've got all the latest, most popular toys (literally) you can get to pimp your ride even more, including:

Video, Dash, & Back-Up Cameras

If you're looking to catch all the action on the roads or elsewhere, look no further. We have GoPro and WASPcam cameras, two of the best brands in the world to capture every millisecond of your travels. They can be mounted inside your car as a dash camera, or used for your out-of-car adventures in air, land, or sea. We also carry back-up cameras, easy to install and ready to go from the top brands.

Audio & Electronics Accessories

If you've already got a camera and are looking for related accessories, we've got those, too. Camera mounts, waterproof cases and bags, flex rods, battery packs, cables, and more under the WASPcam label ensure that you'll be ever-ready to catch any moment, anywhere on video.

Drones & RC Vehicles

Lastly, if you're looking past your own vehicle and into the latest in RC technology, we've got it. We carry an extensive selection of RC models, and also carry some of the best drones in the industry, including quadcopter drones. We also have drone components, replacement accessories, displays, batteries, and more. AutomotiveStuff has your life-sized and miniature vehicle needs covered.

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Audio & Electronics