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What to consider when buying rims

When you begin choosing your rims, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices out there. But a few key things will help make it easier to choose, and remembering the following points will ensure that you find the rims that are best for you.

  • Style: This is the first and most obvious thing you'll have to consider. Each rim will have its own unique style; some are thick and blocky while others are sleek, low-profile designs with a few thin spokes radiating from a single centre point. It's important to consider both your vehicle and your personal style. For example, a low-profile design will look better on a car while truck rims should be more substantial. There are options for all vehicles and styles, and the right ones will make your vehicle stand out.
  • Size: Usually, rims will be a universal fit. However, you still need to match the wheel diameter, the wheel width, and the bolt pattern in order to ensure that they fit your vehicle's wheels perfectly. There are a few different size options. The size of your rim will also have a direct impact on the tires that you add to your vehicle, so be sure that you choose them with this fact in mind.
  • Colour: In general, black or chrome will be the two main colour options you'll have to choose from. There are differing shades of these colours, and other metallic options may exist as well, but you'll most likely have to decide between these two colours of rims. Again, this is a matter of personal preference so be sure to consider how they'll look when added to your vehicle, and how they'll look with the tires you plan to purchase.
  • Other Features: Most rims won't come with centre caps, so you'll need to purchase these separately. You may also want to consider adding custom lug nuts or lug nut covers, valve caps, and other associated items when you purchase rims. These items will really complete the overall look of your rims. While some rims won't have a space for centre caps, others will.

Consider all this when you make your decision.