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Narrowing Down Your Rim Choices

Selecting the perfect rims for your car can be daunting. Rims have the power to make your vehicle really stand out and look classy, but they can also make your ride look corny and cheap. The problem is that the sheer number of choices available to you can truly be overwhelming. Don't worry, because our guide to selecting the perfect rims will ensure you won't have any regrets.

  • Style: Based on your vehicle, the type of rim you choose will differ greatly. An off-roading truck will be far more suited to blocky, strong rims, while the average urban car used for driving in and around the city will be better off with sleeker, thinner rims.
  • Size: When selecting rims, make sure to have your wheel width, bolt pattern, and wheel diameter information ready to ensure perfect fitment. Further, keep in mind that the size of your rims will have a direct bearing on any future tire changes that you make.
  • Color: The color you choose will simply be for aesthetic purposes yet have the power to make all the difference. Generally, the two most common options available are black or chrome, or shades of these colors. The bottom line is that ultimately, color selection comes down to personal preference. Remember that whatever color you choose, it should look nice with any future tire purchases you make.

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