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The Cooling System: More than Just a Fan

You're probably wondering why cooling systems are considered performance parts. Sure, they aren't as flashy or gratifying as exhaust systems or brake systems, but a proper cooling system will go a long way in ensuring your car runs effectively and efficiently.

Contrary to its name, cooling systems are actually in place to maintain the ideal temperature of 199.4-degree Farenheit. At this ideal temperature, your engine is performing at its optimal level. The engine's lubricating oils are also at its lowest viscosity, which allows smooth movement of engine components and a longer, more productive life.

Two main types of cooling systems exist: liquid-based and air-based cooling systems. Liquid-based cooling systems circulate cooling liquids throughout the engine, whereas air cooling systems utilize cold air to get the job done. Older vehicles tend to use air cooling, while liquid-based cooling systems are found in most of today's newest cars.

Regardless of which type you're looking for, we've got it at We carry a wide variety of cooling systems and accessories from the best brands like Mishimoto, Megan Racing, and Flex-a-lite. Every time you buy from us, we ship straight to your door free of charge and without any hidden or unexpected costs. Because we're an authorized retailer, you'll also receive the full manufacturer's warranty on every product.