Coilovers, which stand for “coil spring over strut” are one of the most essential inventions that top engineers have manufactured for the enhanced safety and performance of your vehicles. A coilover suspension is installed for a plethora of reasons but the main one would often be to elevate the overall driving quality in terms of stability and control.


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Function of Coilovers in your Vehicle

The Coilover is an essential automotive component that consists of a high quality shock absorber or strut and an adjustable spring. Functioning as a single element, the shock absorber is mounted down the length of the coil such that the coil is over the shock body. This design allows the effortless adjustment of your suspension system for improved vehicle handling that’s appropriately coupled by a powerful stance. Adjustable coilovers allow its user to modify the ride height to a lower or higher position.

Coilover Springs are made using the most robust and long-lasting materials such as heavy-duty steel. These springs are engineered with progressive spring rates to suitably match the coilover’s dampers. This results in a smoother and more comfortable drive quality while preventing unpredictable “bounciness” which is often caused by lowering the height of a car

Benefits of having Quality Coilovers for you Vehicle

The main perks of integrating high quality coilovers are better stability and an overall safer drive. When you choose a high quality coilover, you will notice that you can adjust and improve the handling in almost any car model available in the market today. An adjustable coilover is a perfect upgrade for the toughest racing applications. Why? Because it assists in balancing out weight transfer which results in maximum traction as well as an exceptional high speed handling.

Automotive Stuff - The One-Stop Shop for Coilovers

At Automotive Stuff, a large catalog of front and rear coilovers is made available for various makes and models. The coilover suspension kits are made for fast paced racing, rigorous off-road driving, or if you simply want the proper height adjustment to give your vehicle an aggressive stance. Certifying the best deals in all of America, Automotive Stuff is a guarantees that all products are duly covered by a manufacturer’s or miles warranty.

Most popular Coilover brands at Automotive Stuff

Whether you’re an everyday driver or a pro racer, the most popular names such as KW, Megan Racing and Beltech have got you covered with their coilover shocks and coilover kits. Some of the most highly regarded Coilovers in the industry today include the KW Variant 3 Coilovers which grants both height adjustment as well as compression and rebound adjustment of the shock absorbers to generate the ideal setup for different driving styles. When it comes to outstanding street driving, Megan Racing, a prestigious developer of suspension parts since 2001, is front and centre with their highly adjustable EZ Street Coilovers.