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<h2>Everything You Need to Know About Exhaust Systems</h2> <p>In terms of performance parts, putting down cash for an aftermarket exhaust system is a steep investment. But as one car enthusiast to another, trust us when we say this investment is well worth your while. Investing in an aftermarket exhaust system is beneficial for your ride's overall performance and fuel economy while adding major style points and aural appeal. There are a few main components to an exhaust system, so we've got a comprehensive breakdown for you below.</p> <ul style="list-style-type:square; padding-left:2%"> <li>Exhaust Headers: Your exhaust is located on your engine block in the exhaust manifold of your car. Stock manifolds cause a traffic jam of emissions within the exhaust pipes, leading to intense back pressure. This back pressure restricts your engine from taking in the air it needs to flawlessly perform. This is where aftermarket exhaust headers come into play. High-performance headers give each cylinder an individual pipe, clearing up the bottleneck of traffic and allowing your car to breathe properly. </li> <li>Mufflers & Tips: A wider aftermarket muffler provides gains in performance and can give your engine a deeper, stronger roar. Tips, on the other hand, are the pipes you see protruding from the back of the muffler. You have the option for chrome-plated or flat black pipes, and they can also be customized for sound.</li> <li>Cat-back vs. Axle-back Exhausts: Let's learn some terminology. The exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the back end of the vehicle is called the cat-back, also known as a cat. On the other hand, axle-back exhausts are placed at the rear axle and extend to the rear of your car. Gearheads prefer cat-backs due to their ability to open up the exhaust as well as its sleek, low-gauge intermediate exhaust pipe. Axle-backs are preferred by those who desire aesthetic appeal over performance.</li> </ul> <br> <br> <p>So now you know the basics of exhaust systems. Hopefully you can make an informed decision using all this great information. But if you need more clarity or have questions that haven't been answered yet, give us a call. Our team of experts is more than qualified, and will field any inquiry you have. </p>