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Why Light Bars are Important

Not only do light bars add an aesthetic edge to your vehicle, they allow for clarity of vision on those dark, long, and abandoned roads.

Various types of light bars are available at your disposal. Full-size light bars can have up to four rows of LEDs and reach up to an incredible 60 inches in length. Needless to say, these light bars are for larger vehicles and require the sturdiest of mounts. On the contrary, miniature light bars, or light pods, only feature between 4 and 8 individual lights. Light pods are most effective as side lights or as portable lighting fixtures in an office environment. Interested in mounting light bars onto your grille? It can be done. Low-profile light bars are for you. With just one row of LEDs, these light bars are perfect to be mounted just below your bumper.

Before purchasing the light bar of your choice, keep in mind a few factors.

  • Light and Brightness Efficiency: You obviously want your light bars to be as bright as possible, but the quality and efficiency of the light bars will differ from brand to brand. Compare the lumens per watt (lm/watt) between brands. The greater the value, the higher the quality of the LED.
  • Compatibility of Input Voltage: Although most quality light bars can fit pretty much any truck, please ensure that your desired lightbulb is compatible with your truck.
  • Beam Configuration: This determines how light is projected from your light bars. There are several types of beam configurations, including spot beams, combo beams, flood beams, and diffuse beams. Choose the type of beam configuration that most suits your needs and personal preference.

Once you're ready to make the right purchase, look nowhere else but Carrying only top-of-the-line brands such as N-Fab, Westin, Putco, and more, you're guaranteed premium light bars at the lowest prices along with full manufacturer warranties and free shipping. So don't wait any longer.

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