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Learning About Suspension Systems

As car enthusiasts, we know how much gearheads geek out over a sick suspension system. Beyond how it looks when it hugs the road, it does your vehicle a whole lot of good, too. High-performance suspension systems provide better control, increased power, and heightened braking ability, as well as benefits at the pump through better tire efficiencies. You can upgrade your whole suspension system, or parts of it.


Coilovers are shock absorbers with coiled springs loaded at the top. The reason for the springs is that they enhance the life of the shock absorber, and they provide aesthetic appeal underneath. Their purpose is to absorb the shock your wheels will take, and can also assist in raising or lowering your vehicle. KW Suspensions, Megan Racing, and HSD sell some of the world's best coilovers.


Shocks are an important component of your suspension system as well. Shocks create important space between your wheels and the wheel frame while also ensuring that your wheels hug the ground on sharp accelerations and tight turns. Quality aftermarket shocks will go a long way in boosting your handling and driving experience.


Another suspension part is called the spring. Combined with a good set of shocks, your vehicle can be lowered for a more aggressive stance if you want to alpha male the competition. Of course, there's a practical application for them too: lowered vehicles have lower centers of gravity, making it easier for your daily drives on winding, bumpy roads and cornering downtown streets.

Suspension is a vital function that if properly taken care of, can go a long way in giving your car a healthy and happy life. OEM suspension systems are often inadequate for the multiple purposes you have for your car, so get the best aftermarket coilovers, shocks, and springs at the lowest prices nationwide at! What you see is what you pay -- no additional fees incurred. You also get the full manufacturer's warranty on most purchases you make from us.