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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of Timbren products on the market. Timbren is known for their quality Suspension Systems, Tire & Wheel Accessories, and more.


Timbren set up in 1965 with a clear aim to make suspension systems that worked better. This has been at the forefront of the company's efforts since then and they can certainly point to a lot of success in the industry. The firm's aim, to provide the best standard of suspension products at a fair price, is still in place and it is the modern driver that benefits.

Enjoy a better standard of support

As the name suggests, the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System is focused on ensuring your suspension performs at a higher standard. The hollow rubber springs provide support for on and off-road vehicles, and vehicles used in the farming, logging and mining industries. Even emergency vehicles have turned to this solution, which should give you the confidence that this is a brand and product that can be relied on.

Make the most of your ride

The most important thing for many drivers is having a comfortable and enjoyable ride. This set of springs is one of the most effective ways to obtain peace of mind. One of the best things about this product range is that it is suitable for a wide range of suspension types, including air, torsion bar, coil spring and traditional leaf spring.

Rubber makes for a quiet journey

No matter what load you are hauling, this is a solution that offers a quiet and stable ride. With rubber being a light and quiet material, it is the perfect choice for the main outcomes associated with this type of product.

Get the best level of support

Anyone needing support in getting their hands on the best range of Timbren products will find that Automotive Stuff is the company to call on. If you want to place an order, get in touch online or contact us to find out why these products are what your vehicle is calling out for.