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The Purpose of Transmissions

Put simply, transmissions increase the efficiency of your engine. Without transmissions, you speedy beast wouldn't be speedy. Typically, your vehicle's engine spins a gear which causes your wheels to spin. This is where the transmission comes in. A transmission introduces a larger gear into the game. This larger gear will increase your engine's efficiency by spinning the smaller gears, which are attached to your wheels. Why does this increase efficiency? Each spin of the large gear results in many spins of the smaller gears attached to your wheels. Each time you switch gears to increase your speed, you're switching to a smaller gear which rotates more than the previous gear. Since each spin of the large gear results in many spins of the smaller gears, transmissions allow you to move fast without your engine using too much energy.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions are extremely convenient in that they automatically change gears as you speed up and down. This allows drivers to drive without worrying about changing gears manually. Most cars in North America today feature automatic transmissions.

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions require the driver to manually change gears as they increase or decrease their speed. Although inconvenient, many driving enthusiasts consider vehicles with manual transmission to be vintage prefer the classic driving experience.

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