Best Truck Floor Mats in 2019

A high-end floor mat is an essential upgrade if you’re looking to keep the interiors of your car, truck or SUV clean, aesthetically pleasing and in good condition. Your vehicle’s floor carpet is often on the receiving end of damaging elements such as dirty football boots and spilled drinks. As compared to other generic floor mats, a truly exceptional one isn’t limited to just safeguarding your ride’s floor, they also need to mix well with the interior and produce an excellent fit that suits the floor’s contours. With a huge number of excellent floor mats being designed and developed on a daily basis, users may find it confusing when selecting one that gives them the biggest bang for their buck. In this article, we discuss 2019’s most exceptional truck and car floor mats and floor liners that guarantee the unbeatable protection of your vehicle’s carpet from dirt, wear and damage.

1. Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liner

Also established in a cargo liner variant, the Weatherbeater Floor Liners by Husky Liners is an outstanding all-season efficient option. Integrating a sturdy rubberized thermo-plastic construction, these floor liners withstand mud, dirt, chemicals and even gasoline. Adding to that, this material makes certain that cleaning up these mats is easily achieved by simply hosing them off. These floor liners are fabricated with an outstanding molded design that has appropriately placed groves and tall side walls, which effectively capture detrimental grime and moisture. What’s more, they are custom moulded to your year, make and model so you’re ensured a precise fit and excellent floor coverage. A resilient and well-crafted component by industry giants, Husky Liners, the Weatherbeater Floor Liners are available in a front and rear variant. Plus, they come in a black, gray and tan colour scheme.

2. Weathertech DigitalFit Floor Liners

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liner

Engineered by Weathertech, a globally regarded manufacturer of custom designed automotive accessories, the Weathertech Digitalfit Floor Liners provide maximized coverage on the front, rear and sides of your ride’s footwell. Incorporating a high-density tri-extruded composition, these floor liners certify superior strength and durability on any weather condition as well as a non-slip surface even when detrimental dirt is collected at the floor mat. They feature a rubber-like TPE material to generate a firm grip to your vehicle's carpeted floor and minimize movement underneath your feet. An integrated multi-level channel appropriately moves fluids away from your feet toward a reservoir trap. The Weathertech Digitalfit Floor Mats feature an innovative reservoir design that effectively moves dirt and moisture into a lower reservoir, away from your shoes and the floor carpet. Available in various colour schemes, these tray-type floor mats are a reliable component to elevate security levels and produce an ultra-clean appearance.

3. Motor Trend FlexTough Performance Liners

Motor Trend FlexTough Floor Liner

Regarded as one of the most cost-efficient floor liners on the market today, the Motor Trend FlexTough Performance Liners emphasize excellent strength and resilience with the patented top-quality Flex Tough rubber construction. This material certifies that this floor liner is more than capable of withstanding extremely cold or hot temperatures. This all-weather floor mat features an excellent grid pattern for a non-slip surface along with tall ridges at the perimeter to prevent dirt and spills from getting to the car floor. The integrated no-skid cleats at the back ensure the mat stays firmly in place even during difficult driving conditions. What’s more, the edges of the Motor Trend FlexTough may be effortlessly trimmed to suit your specific needs.

4. Maxliner MaxFloormats

Maxliner MaxFloormats

The Maxliner MaxFloormats aren’t your average everyday rubber floor mats that effortlessly crack when things get rough. These high-quality floor liners incorporate a low-density polyethylene material to certify resilience and flexibility. These mats are designed with raised edges that efficiently trap and prevent detrimental dirt and spilled liquid from getting to your car floor. What’s more, this design makes these floor mats very easy to clean. The suitably textured surface certifies an outstanding grip and traction even on the most difficult driving conditions. Apart from an eco-friendly and long-lasting material, these floor liners produce a sleek appearance and are custom moulded to fit the contours of your vehicle’s floor boards.

5. 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats

3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats

The Taiwanese word “kagu” actually stands for resilient and this is exactly the quality highlighted with these progressive floor mats. These mats reliably protect your car floor as they are designed with an exceptional triple-layered structure which improve shock absorbency prowess, minimizes sound and ensures water resistance. They are built to take a huge beating as well as conquer difficult weather conditions. The bottom layer features the patented Maxpider material, which effectively prevents skidding and damaging your carpet floor. To top it off, the 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats come in either a black, grey or tan colour scheme to complement the interior’s aesthetics.

6. Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats

Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats

When it comes to inimitable style and reliable protection, very few can compare with the unique design of the Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats. Emphasizing an outstanding stylish look, these great-looking floor mats are established in a huge selection of colour schemes to complement the interior aesthetics of your vehicle. They are also fully customizable, which lets users generate the look that appropriately suits their style. The refined appearance of these mats is coupled by outstanding durability as it integrates a heavy-duty nylon construction that is appropriately thicker than most factory mats. They feature a latex undercoat which prevents dirt and spillage from getting to your floor carpets. The Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats are also designed with a non-skid TractionBac lining, which effectively keeps the mats from moving around while you’re driving.

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