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Fire extinguishers are an essential fire fighting solution that has been around for over a century. The regular fire extinguisher is a bulky and heavy cylinder of compressed gas that often produces a huge mess when fighting a fire. Greatly considering the needs of current times, Element Fire Extinguishers aim to be modern replacements to this traditional device as they are built to be 80% smaller, function with 5x the discharge time, make no mess, and guarantee a clean performance. With a compact size that lets users mount them just about anywhere, Element’s Fire Extinguishers are a must-have. Obtain the best prices for Element’s latest vibrant solutions without the mess at Automotive Stuff. From fuel filters to skid plates to LED lights to performance chips, there’s not a more complete retailer of aftermarket products than Automotive Stuff. We have the most well-built and precise products for your car, truck, SUV, or RV.

Element presents the next level of firefighting with its innovative and easy-to-use fire extinguishers. Traditional heavy and bulky extinguishers are often filled with a compressed gas that has a chaotic powder which often creates a huge mess when putting out fires. To remedy this issue, Element created compact alternatives that effectively defeat fiery situations without the mess or toxicity.

The Element Brand understands the need for a step forward with current technology constantly evolving. This led to the fabrication of Element Fire Extinguishers which are at the front when it comes to lightweight and maintenance-free firefighting solutions. With their SDHQ or super-duty headquarters, Element has built these solutions to be dependable, robust, and long-lasting. The advanced factory of their SDHQ also ensures that utilizing these extinguishers is as easy as lighting a flare without the burning feeling. They make use of a cutting-edge and proven technology that chemically assaults the chain of combustion to put out fires to a molecular level. With current innovations and a robust base design integrated in them, these fire extinguishers are built for the most stressful situations.

Element Fire Extinguishers are an essential and non-hassling means of ensuring safety in case of unpredictable accidents on the road. They are built to be easy to store inside your car, truck, or RV. For different needs, Element offers its E50 Professional which is built for marine and automotive applications while their E100 Industrial is built for demanding applications such as factory and construction. Internationally certified and a winner of numerous global awards for excellence, Element Fire Extinguishers are the convenient and hassle-free solution you need to guarantee preparation and safety during dangerous circumstances.


Regarded as the top fire fighting product by Element, the E50 generates a fifty-second discharge and is an environmentally friendly fire extinguisher that incorporates non-toxic components. It guarantees no mess and a reliably clean performance with zero thrust discharge. The E50's lightweight and compact fabrication allows users to mount or store them at any location. The Element E50 is built to be efficient in fighting major fire class types A, B, C, and K. Furthermore, they are maintenance-free, which means that they are built with no moving parts and do not require the compressed gas to be serviced.


Built for industrial applications, the Element E100 Extinguisher produces a 100-second discharge which is about ten times more efficient than regular traditional fire bottles. The lightweight base design and optimized solution of the E100 make it an ideal product for factories, construction, welding, and fuel transfer. The non-toxic solution produces no residues or thrust discharge that could spread oil and liquid fire, thus ensuring users of a clean and environmentally safe fire fighting product. Similarly, the E100 is built with no moving parts or compressed gas to service and they are built to conquer fire class types A, B, C, and K.


Besides the fabrication of reliable portable extinguishers, Element offers several mounts to properly position these fire fighting tools according to their preferences. Users can choose a carbon-fiber built mount that is incorporated through countersunk mounting holes under the extinguisher. For users that integrate a regular or aftermarket roll bar, Element has laser cut and CNC bent roll bar Mounts which feature band clamps and a Velcro Strap to secure the extinguisher. Element offers a magnetic mount that reliably mounts the extinguisher to metal fabrications like toolboxes. Other mounts from Element you can search and install include seat rail mounts, quick fist heavy-duty mounts, and a mounting clip.

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