The Best Floor Mats of 2023

Finding the best car floor mat can make the difference between letting Mother Nature gradually destroy your expensive interior and protecting it from the rage of the elements. The best auto floor mats currently offered on the market are made of heavy duty rubber that will keep water, snow, mud, and debris away from your carpets, flooring, and cargo area.

Universal or custom fit rubber mats are your first line of defense against all kinds of spills, stains, and odors bound to ruin your driving experience. Hence, investing in an all-weather floor mat means adding proven protection that addresses 90% of the dirt problems inside your vehicle.

snow-covered shoes
Did you know that up to 90% of dirt enters your vehicle directly from your shoes? Even if you do take care not to step into your ride with dirty kicks, there's always this thing called passengers...

So what is the best floor mat for your car, truck or SUV?

The top auto floor mats, based on real consumer ratings and independent expert reviews, are the ones manufactured by Husky Liners, WeatherTech, and Lund.

These heavy-duty auto floor mats are designed to provide unparalleled resistance to the different types of weather in the United States. They will never crack, curl, or harden, even is in sub-zero temperatures and scorching heat. These tried-and-tested rubber floor mats come with deeply sculpted channels, raised ridges, and built-in reservoirs, immediately trapping all types of messes and preventing them from reaching your beautiful carpeted flooring.

What's more, these all-weather car and truck floor mats come with anti-skid ridges that prevent them from shifting while you're in transit. They come with protective, stick-free finish that allows you to clean them fast and easy.

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If you're after the absolute best floor liner protection for your expensive interior, your best choice is a computer designed, laser-measured, and custom fit floor liner that protects every single inch of your vehicle's front and rear rows. A mat featuring innovative channels that not only trap all kinds of contaminants but also carrying liquid and debris away from your feet into an integrated reservoir. (Check out WeatherTech's DigitalFit Floor Liners)

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Discover the best floor mats designed for your specific vehicle

What should you look for in a car floor mat?

A carpeted look or a rugged, heavy-duty rubber appearance? This is the first question to answer when deciding the aesthetic appeal of your future floor mat. The second, more important question to answer is: do you need an all season heavy-duty floor mat? If you don't mind switching between a summer mat and a winter one, then sure, go ahead and buy two separate sets of mats.

However, if you're looking for an all-season protection, then you should definitely consider a rubber floor mat or liner for your car, truck or SUV. If you live in a rough weather area of the US, and you're getting a fair share of mud, snow, sand, and salt, then an all-weather floor mat is a must-have accessory if you intend to protect your vehicle's carpet.

For a sunny weather climate like the one in California, a carpeted floor mat will do just fine. You can clean a carpet almost as easily as all-weather floor mats, granted that you keep oils and chemical away from its surface.

If you do not want to risk it, though, or if you live in a colder weather area, then you can protect your vehicle's interior with less than $100-200 for a set of 4 car floor mats. You can choose between a universal mat or a custom-fit floor mat designed to install easily and provide top-notch protection for your car carpet.

Husky Liners, WeatherTech, and Lund are hands down your best options.