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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of Air Intake Systems including Air Filters, Air Intakes, Air Intake Parts, Intake Manifolds and other Performance Parts.

Performance Improver: Air Intake Systems

Simply put, air intake systems are the most sure-fire way to see performance gains. Air intake systems expose your engine to oxygen-rich air that takes your vehicle to the next level. Many times, factory air intakes fail to impress because the air filter within the air intake box will trap a lot of the air and prevent it from reaching the engine, not only resulting in less oxygen reaching your engine but causing the engine to utilize more gas to achieve explosion inside the cylinder. This is where aftermarket air intake systems come in. Made of steel mesh filters and more efficient then their factory counterparts, aftermarket air intake systems not only expose your engine to more dense air, you never have to replace them.

Types of Air Intake Systems

Several options are available at your disposal when selecting air intake systems.

  • Short Ram Intakes are named after the neck of these particular intake systems. Due to their short arms, short ram intake systems ensure a lot of air approaches the throttle right after making it past the air filter. Short ram intake systems work really well with large engines in particular and are especially beneficial when trying to improve torque.
  • Cold Air Intakes: Unlike short ram intakes, cold air intakes feature a long arm which expertly expose your engine to cold, dense air while simultaneously keeping away hot air. This means that cold air intakes deliver amazing horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

Aftermarket cold air intakes not only help you save money with greater fuel efficiency and less replacement hassles but increase your car's performance big-time. At, we know how important air intake systems are to your performance needs which is why we have only the best air intake systems from world-class brands such as K&N and Injen. With low costs and free shipping, you can't go wrong!