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The Importance of Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are crucial for the obvious reason that a lack of visibility while off-roading is not only dangerous for your car but could easily lead to accidents. The last thing you need on your adventure is to deal with damaged parts. When selecting off-road lights, make sure to keep in mind a couple of factors.

  • Bulb Type: The type of bulb you choose determines the amount of illumination in your headlights. While halogen lights are brighter than normal incandescent lights and are also available in various colors, Xenon HID lights use less power than halogen bulbs while also emitting stronger light. A popular choice among many, LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are the most durable and are also very resistant to vibrations, making them extremely suitable for off-roaders that frequently take the path less travelled.
  • Beam Pattern: Off-road lights offer a variety of beam patterns. The flood beam illuminates a large area with an extended horizontal and vertical pattern. The driving beam provides a pattern, typically rectangular, that illuminates larger distances compared to other headlights. Lastly, spot beams focus on smaller, tighter areas but enable you to see further as a result.

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