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Why Should I Install Aftermarket Filters?

Before we answer this question, we need to understand the importance of air filters and their impact on your vehicle's longevity. Ensure that you replace your air filter regularly so that the heart of your engine runs properly for years to come. If you aren't switching it up on a routine basis, the filtration system may become blocked, tying up airflow and impacting the performance level you desire.

Luckily, there are several designs of air filters you can choose from to fix this issue. These include ring filters, rectangular filters, canister-style filters, and more. Some filters are made for multiple uses whereas others must be disposed after one-time use.

Of course, we haven't addressed the different types of air filters. We carry a bunch of different types, each with different price points and applications. Our air filter lineup consists of:

  • Breather Filters, fully washable and reusable filters made for easy installation and remote mounting;
  • Oil-Free Filters, featuring polyurethane construction and taller pleats which enhance performance;
  • Replacement Filters, less expensive but less durable options; and
  • High-Performance Filters, offered by brands such as K&N intended to deliver the best performance possible. These are obviously what you want to go for in terms of both visual appeal and on-road performance. They're good for a bunch of vehicle applications, including most vehicles and RVs.

Regardless of your preference, we've got it here at We carry the top brands in the industry, including K&N, aFe, Injen, AEM, and more. The difference between us and our competitors is that we'll give you the full manufacturer's warranty as well, without the burden of shipping and handling costs. Start adding to your cart now, and give us a call if you have questions about anything you see on our site.