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The Performance Chips You Need

If you aren't familiar with performance chips, they're programmable goodness that greatly enhances your car's horsepower and torque. Many gearheads get performance chips to get their ride to the next level. Don't know where to start though? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We've got a bunch of different options just for you. These include:

  • Power Programmers: These programmers are the popular choice for those that want increased horsepower, improved torque, and greater towing capacity. Plug in your DiabloSport, Superchips, or HyperTech programmer into your vehicle's OBD-II port, and a wide range of options become available right at your fingertips. Adjust rev limiters, shift points, or monitor the status of your car with detailed, informative diagnostics and statistics. You can also utilize preset modes like fuel economy mode or performance-oriented mode on programmers offered by Bully Dog. And if you want to adjust the modes, this can also be done, of course.
  • In-Line Control Modules: These offer similar tuning ability to power programmers. The key with in-line control modules is that they can be optimized to your specific year, make, and model, and once plugged in, they take care of the rest. These modules are geared towards car owners that want added performance but generally less customization. Better brands for in-line control modules include DiabloSport, Edge Products, Bully Dog, and Jet Performance.
  • Engine Management Systems (EMS): These are made for car owners that know exactly what they're doing and are looking to replace the stock CPU. You have the option to switch up air-fuel ratios, nitrous injection, EV limits, and much much more. You get total, unbridled control with engine management systems. AEM and Jet Performance have some of the best engine management systems in the industry.

Thousands of gearheads across the country have purchased performance chips to enhance performance in a unique, customizable way. Whether you decide upon power programmers, in-line control modules, or an engine management system, you're now equipped to make an informed decision that'll boost the ability of your car, on the road and on the track. If you have any further questions, not to worry. Give us a call anytime. Our team of experts is standing by and will be able to help you out.