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Why Do I Need Bug Deflectors?

As all drivers know, bugs are extremely annoying pests while driving. Not only do they inhibit your ability to see clearly when driving, but once they splatter all over your windshield it is very inconvenient and difficult to clean up and return your windshield to its former glory. Enter bug deflectors. This amazing invention pushes bugs away from your windshield by directing airflow above your car. Believe us, it's a worthwhile investment if your car is still losing battles to bugs. You'll thank us the next time you clean up splattered bugs off your windshield.

Yes, bug deflectors are awesome and they serve a great purpose. But will they look awkward on your vehicle? Not if you buy one that suits the appearance of your vehicle. At AutomotiveStuff.com, we carry a variety of the very best bug deflectors of all shapes and sizes to suit the aesthetic preferences of you and your vehicle. Have a look at Westin's Ultraguard Bug Shield. Made with high-impact acrylic, the Ultraguard provides impeccable windshield protection.

We at AutomotiveStuff.com understand the frustration those irritating bugs cause you. We've been there. Trust us to provide your windshield with the very best protection with brands such as Westin, Auto Ventshade, and EGR. Our prices are among the lowest in the nation and our shipping is free.