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What's a Light Cover Good For?

Light covers protect your headlights from incurring damages. This is especially helpful if you're into off-roading where threats to your car are more commonplace. There's no point in spending a lot of money on quality, high-tech headlights and then leaving them vulnerable to adverse weather or harmful off-road conditions. Leaving your headlights exposed is not a good idea, and it's made worse if replacing the headlights costs a fortune. Not only do light covers offer awesome protection, they can genuinely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car and boost your reputation as a car lover. If you're looking to add a unique custom look to your vehicle, adding light covers is an affordable way to achieve a subtle level of security while looking good doing it.

At, we know how important your headlights are, which is why we carry only the best light covers from trusted brands such as Westin Automotive, AMI, and Auto Ventshade. Consistently low prices and full manufacturer warranties, along with free shipping across the country, rounds out a sweet deal. So don't wait any longer!