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FORD F-350

The history of Ford F-Series has begun more than 65 years ago, when the legendary American automobile manufacturer Ford introduced the first F-Series model, called Ford Bonus-Built. During its long history, Ford F-Series has enjoyed a great popularity all over the world and has won a lot of awards. Ford F-Series is probably one of the best-selling series vehicles in the world. One of the most awesome full-size pickup trucks, offered by Ford, is the F-350 model.

Ford F-Series were manufactured in thirteen generations. The first Ford F-350 models appeared in the second generation (1953–56), when the F-4 model was renamed as F-350. During the eight generation of the F-Series (1987–91), Ford F-350 was equipped with a new 5-speed manual overdrive and an optional 4-speed electronically controlled transmissions. In this generation F-350 and all other heavy-duty Ford vehicles were manufactured without bed – they were released as tow trucks, box trucks, flatbed trucks, dump trucks, etc.

In 1994 (the ninth generation) Ford presented new redesigned direct injection turbodiesel engines for both the F-250 and F-350 models. Four years later (in the tenth generation) Ford F-350’s body style was greatly modified. As a result, the F-350 model, along with the F-250, was included in the Ford Super Duty series. Today, Ford still manufactures the F-350 as a Super Duty model.

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FORD F-350