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1993 FORD MOTORHOME Banks Power


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  1. Part Type: Air Intake Kits

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  1. Banks Power 49089 - Ram-Air Intake System
    Banks Power 49089 - Ram-Air Intake System
    1993 FORD MOTORHOME 7.5L V8
    Banks Power Ram-Air Intake Systems are ideal high quality replacements for your vehicle's factory flat panel filter. They feature a large conical lifetime filter which will deliver maximum high-flow filtration. The systems' opening is more than twice the size of your stock's, and does not have 90-degree bends which choke airflow and kill power. Their huge inlet enclosed housing and large tubing work to reduce restrictions, and will dramatically increase the airflow to your cylinders. The systems guarantee to improve your power and fuel economy. Free shipping to all of USA! Learn More

1 Item(s)