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Part #7105WIN^

Weiand 7105WIN - Supercharger input shaft

Part #7105WIN^
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Weiand Powercharger Input Shaft/Coupler Kits have all of the correct components to replace worn parts in your short nose or long nose input housings. Powercharger shaft/coupler kits are used with B&M/Holley nose assemblies with nose mounted tensioners and TBI blower kits with under-nose mounted tensioners. Includes Coupler, Bearing, Snap Ring, Input Shaft, and Seal; Used in 174 BBC and ALL 144 SBC TBI Blower kits. Correct components for nose assemblies with under nose mounted tensioner; Used In Nose Assemblies that the Aluminum housing measures 9.75" Long.


  • Supercharger Nose Drive Assembly
  • Fits w/6-71/8-71 Blower
  • Mainshaft Only
  • 2 in. Register
  • 8mm Pitch

The Weiand Company was founded in year 1930s as a performance parts warehouse by Phil Weiand and sold different types of speed parts. The "High Weiand" manifold was the company's first product manufactured and introduced to the market in 1937 as the first aluminum intake. In 1952 they introduced their famous "Drag Star" line of "log" manifolds for Hemi engines. The company developed a complete blower drive in 1957 for the GMC 6-71 supercharger, while their first dual plane 180-degree intake known as "Colt" was launched in 1965. Weiand introduced "Hi-Ram Manifold" in 1968 with its patented D-port technology.

The company launched the "X-terminator" single plane manifold series in 1972; the following year Weiand introduced high-performance aluminum water pumps. In 1974, X-CELerator, a single plane intakes, was developed. The famous "Team G" 360-degree racing manifold series was launched in 1978, and a year later, the "Action" series of high-performance replacement manifolds was introduced.

Today, Weiand continues to be a trailblazer in the automotive industry, providing top-grade performance products to enthusiasts worldwide.

Part Number:7105WIN


Key Features:
  • Supercharger Nose Drive Assembly
  • Fits w/6-71/8-71 Blower
  • Mainshaft Only
  • 2 in. Register
  • 8mm Pitch

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