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In 1973, the German automaker Volkswagen introduced a new line of large family cars, named "Passat". The name comes from the German word for trade wind and follows Volkswagen’s tradition to name its vehicles after prominent winds and currents. Volkswagen Passat was manufactured in eight generations.

The first generation (1973–1981) was available in different body styles – two- and four-door sedans as well as three- and five-door versions with identical appearance. The first Passats also came with two four-cylinder petrol engine options and a four-speed manual transmission or three-speed automatic transmission. The second generation (1981–1988) was called "B2". It featured a new styling with rectangular headlights.

The third generation started in 1988. It was based on a Volkswagen-designed platform and came with a modified design without a grille. This generation was also equipped with fuel-injected petrol engines that significantly improved the performance. The fourth generation (1993–1996) featured a new design – the grille has returned for more aggressive look. More safety features, like dual front airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners, were added.

The fifth generation has begun in 1996. It was called B5 and was built on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform. The design was upgraded for superior aerodynamics. This generation was also available with a fully independent four-link front suspension and four types of transmission. In 2001, the B5 model was improved with slight modifications in the design. The sixth generation came in 2005. It was created on an altered version of the Mk5 Golf's PQ46 platform. Since 2008, this generation has been provided with a new Audi-developed 1.8 TSI engine and 6-speed automatic transmission.

The seventh generation (2010–2015) featured new external body panels. It also came with a variety of features, such as Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC), Dynamic Light Assist glare-free high beams, a fatigue detection system and an automatic "city emergency braking" system. The newest, eight generation was launched in 2015. It was built on the MQB platform and was designed with aluminum and vacuum-formed steel construction for light weight. A wide range of advanced driver assistance systems were included, like semi-automatic parking system, emergency driver assistant, autonomous cruise control system, collision avoidance system and variable ratio steering.

During its long history, Volkswagen Passat has become very popular and has even won several awards, including the 2015 European Car of the Year Award. So, if you're looking for Volkswagen Passat Accessories and Parts, there is no place better than Automotive Stuff. We make no compromises on quality and guarantee you only the very best for your car with the best prices!