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In 1979, the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen introduced a line of small family cars that was called Jetta. There was a period when Volkswagen named its vehicles after renowned winds and currents – and the name “Jetta” comes from the Atlantic “jet stream”. As of April 2014, Jetta has become Volkswagen's top selling model.

Volkswagen Jetta was manufactured in six generations. The first generation (1979–1984) was started when Volkswagen decided to create new model cars that will fill the sedan niche. Volkswagen Jetta has quickly become popular and was the best-selling European car in the United States, Canada, and México. The second generation (1984–1992) was bigger, weightier, and could seat five people instead of four. This generation was available as a two-door or four-door sedan and featured greatly bettered aerodynamics. In 1992, the third generation started, but with different name – Volkswagen Vento (which means "wind" in both Portuguese and Italian). Both suspension and aerodynamics were improved.

The fourth generation came in 1999 and this time it was called Volkswagen Bora (like the bora wind). The Bora cars were available with a lot of modern safety features and had a style similar to the bigger Volkswagen Passat. The fifth generation (2005–2011) was mainly known as “Jetta” again, although the names Bora and Vento remained in some countries. This generation featured an entirely redesigned electrical system and a new style with chrome front grille. In 2011, the sixth and newest generation was launched, this time called “Volkswagen NCS” (where NCS means New Compact Sedan). The new models are partly based on the same PQ35 platform as Golf, although Jetta has longer wheelbase. The sixth generation vehicles are bigger and more inexpensive to manufacture – all this made Volkswagen Jetta much more competitive.

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