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The first Toyota automobiles were manufactured in 1933 under the brand name Toyoda, using the last name of the company’s founder. The brand name switched to Toyota in 1937. Toyota offers a full line of automobiles and trucks, including the popular Camry, Camry Hybrid, Corolla, Prius, FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, Tundra, Scion and Yaris.

Automotive Stuff makes it easy to add performance features to your Toyota. As Canada’s largest source of Toyota performance parts, Tdot Performance offers a wide variety of products.

Air intake systems

A large selection of air filters, air intake parts, air intakes and mass air flow sensors is available for your Toyota.


You can choose from a selection of Optima RedTop, YellowTop and BlueTop high-performance AGM batteries.


You have many choices available for brake kits, brake lines and hoses, brake pads, brake parts, and brake rotors.

Cooling systems

Choose from a wide selection of coolant hoses, cooling fans, cooling parts, radiators and thermostats.

Engine components

Choose from a wide selection of engine parts, motor mounts, oil coolers, oil filters and valve covers.

Exhaust systems

Automotive Stuff offers an excellent selection of catalytic converters, exhaust parts, exhaust pipes, complete exhaust systems, exhaust tips, headers and mufflers.


Automotive Stuff offers an excellent selection of air filters, fuel filters, miscellaneous filters and oil filters.

Fuel systems

Choose from a wide selection of fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel system parts and throttle bodies.

Ignition systems

Choose from a wide selection of ignition coils, spark plug wires and spark plugs.

Performance chips

Automotive Stuff offers a wide section of performance chips, including tuners and programmers.

Suspension systems

Automotive Stuff offers an excellent selection of suspension system parts, including shocks, struts, lowering kits and lift kits.

Transmission and drivetrain

Choose from a wide selection of transmission and drivetrain parts, including clutch kits, shafts and transmission oil coolers.

If you have any questions, use our online help form, email us at or call us toll-free on 1-800-276-7566.


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