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The famous Japanese automaker Subaru has started using the nameplate "Outback" more than 20 years ago. Subaru Outback vehicles feature moderate off-road capabilities, and this is where their name comes from – "Outback" refers to the broad, faraway, and barren outback regions in Australia. There are two distinct Subaru branded vehicles that are called "Outback".

The first Subaru Outback vehicles were introduced in 1994 as derivatives of the second generation Subaru Legacy. The first Outback models featured side body cladding, raised suspension and slight trim changes in comparison with the Legacy. In 1998 – 1999, a second generation of Subaru Outback was launched. In North America a new, sedan version was released along with the wagon model. The third generation started in 2003 with a refreshed design. More exterior modifications were made in the fourth generation (2009). The newest, fifth generation (2014) came with a greater difference between Subaru Outback and Legacy – the Outback was manufactured as a wagon only, while the Legacy was produced as a sedan.

The second type Subaru Outback vehicles were introduced in 1994 and were based on the Impreza model. This Outback version is known as "Subaru Outback Sport". The Sport model is available with an off-road appearance package, and a little bit raised suspension. Following the trends in Impreza model, Subaru released a second generation of the Outback Sport in 2001 and a third generation in 2007. However, in 2011 Subaru Outback Sport was discontinued.

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