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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of SUBARU 1400 HELLA parts and accessories in the USA


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Subaru 1400

The Subaru 1400 coupe showcases a timeless aesthetic and smooth drivability. Also known as the Subaru Leone which is the Italian word for Lion, this compact car is an outstanding and hassle-free ride for the everyday driver. The Subaru 1400 is a great machine but in its stock form, it is far from being at the optimal level. High-quality aftermarket upgrades prove to be a huge asset when it comes to transforming the drive quality of this vehicle from good to excellent. For an updated collection of highly efficient aftermarket parts and accessories for the Subaru 1400, Automotive Stuff is the reliable brand that ensures the best prices in the USA.

Automotive Stuff is trusted by the most reputable aftermarket brands such as Volant, Airaid, Accel, Holley and, Edelbrock to distribute their innovations to car aficionados all over America. For more power and better performance, we carry a huge selection of fuel system and ignition system components. Whether you need a fuel pump or spark wire plugs, we guarantee the most effective and resilient parts in today’s industry. If you often drive at night, we highly recommend enhancing the Subaru 1400’s visibility by integrating the replacement bulbs and other lighting solutions by Hella. As a verified vendor, Automotive Stuff honors all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer.

Buy your Subaru 1400 Parts from Automotive Stuff today and you can expect them to be shipped to your location in no time.


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