Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits

Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits

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  • Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits
  • Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits
  • Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits
  • Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits

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Skunk2 Pro Series Plus Camber Kit come with three-piece, low-deflection, polyurethane bushings designed to eliminate the pre-load caused by rubber bushings. The brushings allow the arms to pivot freely - resulting in greatly improved handling performance. The Pro Series Plus Camber Kits boast heavy-duty mounting anchors and Skunk2's specially designed one-piece, forged Pro Series Ball Joints with low-profile top plates for additional clearance between plate and the shock tower, higher clamping loads for no-slip performance, and maximum adjustability. With this kit, you'll be able to quickly and easily adjust the cadmium-plated, Pro Series Ball Joints from the bottom up, which comes as great advantage especially on lowered vehicles with shortened shock bodies! What's more, Skunk2's proprietary design will reduce structural fatigue and failure commonly associated with other camber adjustment kits.

The Skunk2 Group-A Autosports entered the market in 1994 with headquarters in Northern California. This brand began innovating engine parts for high-performance applications, with some notable components such as the camshaft gears for Honda. These adjustable, CNC-machined parts are the first of its kind. From then on, the brand has made rounds in the racing industry, catapulting it to fame.

The Skunk2 brand went on to develop a wide range of suspension and engine components for race cars in Asia and the US. In just a few years since it started, Skunk2 received great appreciation from professional racing teams around the world. The name is constantly mentioned in the competition scene, widely known as one of the trusted manufacturers of leading aftermarket automotive parts.

Its cutting-edge fuel rails, intake manifold, and other components are crafted with premium materials and constructed to outperform expectations for high-performing vehicles. It has pushed the boundaries of component manufacturing, helping win races and producing champions that have made a mark in the industry.

Today, Skunk2 continues to dominate the industry with high-level engineering and continuous R&D projects. It has created a long list of aftermarket products that are tested for quality and guaranteed performance. For race car enthusiasts, Skunk2 has become a reliable name for many years, and the years to come.

Skunk2's all-new Pro Series Front Camber Kits come with innovative A-arms and ball joints allowing for maximum positive camber adjustment in a low-profile design. If you want to correct almost all abnormal tire wear caused by negative camber and to increase high-speed stability, then these Pro Series Front Camber Kits are made for you! The kits come with Skunk2's all-new, one-piece Pro Series Ball Joints, with low-profile top plates - providing additional clearance between ball joint and shock towers. The higher clamping loads will ensure optimal, no-slip performance and maximum adjustability. Plus, you can also fine-tune the ball joint from the bottom up, which is a quicker and easier way, ideal for lowered vehicles with shortened shock bodies. What's more, the Pro Series Adjustable Camber Kits are developed to help you reduce structural fatigue and failure commonly caused by lesser camber adjustment kits. These outstanding Skunk2 front camber kits come with specially engineered strong mounting anchors, and a one-year warranty to guarantee your investment. You cannot go wrong with the Pro Series kits - they are also the number one choice of many professional race teams, including Honda's own factory road race cars, ever since 1997. Do not hesitate and purchase your brand new Pro Series Front Camber Kits! You'll not regret it!
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