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Skunk2 MegaPower RR Exhaust Systems

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Skunk2 MegaPower RR Exhaust Systems are feature advanced Japanese-spec, Super N1 styling that has been proven to generate more HP and TQ by simply optimizing engine airflow and volume throughout the entire powerband. The MegaPower PR exhaust systems boast a carefully selected, application-specific tubing lengths and diameters, resulting in significantly increased wave scavenging effects. These systems are designed to ensure precise fitment, thanks to the CNC mandrel bending which allowing for a constant tubing diameter throughout the bend. What's more, each system comes with a resonator, stainless steel flanges, and a straight-through, low-restriction racing muffler for uninterrupted flow. Skunk2's polished muffler is mated to a 110mm polished tip and is available with it an acid-etched MegaPower badge and serialized nameplate. Plus, with each Skunk2 MegaPower PR System, you receive a removable silencer and all necessary hardware for a fast and intuitive installation process!

The Skunk2 Group-A Autosports entered the market in 1994 with headquarters in Northern California. This brand began innovating engine parts for high-performance applications, with some notable components such as the camshaft gears for Honda. These adjustable, CNC-machined parts are the first of its kind. From then on, the brand has made rounds in the racing industry, catapulting it to fame.

The Skunk2 brand went on to develop a wide range of suspension and engine components for race cars in Asia and the US. In just a few years since it started, Skunk2 received great appreciation from professional racing teams around the world. The name is constantly mentioned in the competition scene, widely known as one of the trusted manufacturers of leading aftermarket automotive parts.

Its cutting-edge fuel rails, intake manifold, and other components are crafted with premium materials and constructed to outperform expectations for high-performing vehicles. It has pushed the boundaries of component manufacturing, helping win races and producing champions that have made a mark in the industry.

Today, Skunk2 continues to dominate the industry with high-level engineering and continuous R&D projects. It has created a long list of aftermarket products that are tested for quality and guaranteed performance. For race car enthusiasts, Skunk2 has become a reliable name for many years, and the years to come.


Skunk2 MegaPower R Exhaust Systems are 3" diameter cat-backs developed with maximum engine performance in mind - dyno proven for massive gains in horsepower through superior construction technology and quality of materials. The MegaPower PR cat-backs are built of T-304 stainless steel, are robotically TIG welded, and feature CNC mandrel bends for a precise fit. Developed for naturally aspirated engines with aggressive camshafts, higher compression, racing headers and mild turbocharged applications with higher demand for optimized exhaust flow. These superior MegaPower PR exhaust system will help your engine to "breathe" more efficiently and give more power via the larger diameter piping. Each MegaPower PR Exhaust System comes packaged with a top-grade resonator, stainless steel flanges and a straight-through, low-restriction racing muffler. What's more, the Skunk2 MegaPower PR Exhaust Systems are backed by a one-year warranty.


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