Timbren MKTT001 - 20000 lbs. Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement System

Part #MKTT001

Timbren MKTT001 - 20000 lbs. Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement System

Part #MKTT001
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Boost your vehicle's drivability and promote a smoother ride quality when you integrate the exceptional Timbren Suspension Enhancement System. Stability and effortless handling in dealing with a trailer or a loaded truck bed are guaranteed with this exceptional suspension upgrade incorporated. Bouncing and bottoming out are prevented while sagging and swaying when towing are significantly reduced. Your vehicle is kept level when hauling uneven loads and improved roll stability is a guarantee.

The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System features Timbren's exclusive progressive-rating Aeon rubber springs to absorb road shocks and ensure stable ride quality in various road conditions. The heavier the load, the harder these springs push back to keep the load level. This suspension upgrade is established in a variety of vehicle-specific configurations to guarantee proper fitment and easy installation. What's more, the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System is maintenance-free so you won't have to go through any tiresome procedures just to sustain its excellent quality.


  • Suspension Enhancement System
  • Weight Capacity 20000 lbs.
  • Rear
  • Camel Back Suspension
  • Tow Truck


  • Better Ride Quality
  • Added Stability
  • Easy Installation
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Aeon Rubber Springs Have a Progressive Spring Rate
  • Prevent Suspension Sag
  • Eliminate Roll and Sway
  • Lifetime Warranty

Timbren Industries has been a leading figure in the industry for its work in reliable suspension solutions for various applications and vehicles. The brand introduced one of its most successful releases in 1968, the Aeon rubber springs, and also started manufacturing SES (Suspension Enhancement System) upgrade kits. Abiding with their goal that suspensions could and should work better, Timbren Industries poured resources and effort to continually develop its suspension product lines. With the help of experts upholding impressive standards and a drive for innovation, it's not hard to see why Timbren Industries is a trusted name in the suspension aftermarket. With this, the brand continuously develops its SES product line comprised of over 400+ offerings for unique and specific applications, implying the work that Timbren Industries have put into putting the best solutions together for the end-user. The brand also develops trailer suspension products which are designed and tested at the General Motors Automotive Center for Excellence at the University of Ontario. For various suspension needs that will serve your needs well, Timbren Industries has them for you.

Part Number:MKTT001


  • Suspension Enhancement System
  • Weight Capacity 20000 lbs.
  • Rear
  • Camel Back Suspension
  • Tow Truck

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model
1997 - 2001 MACK CH
1997 - 2001 MACK CL
1986 - 2001 MACK CS200P MID-LINER
1986 - 2000 MACK CS250P MID-LINER
1986 - 2001 MACK CS300P MID-LINER
1986 - 1997 MACK CS300T MID-LINER
1997 - 2000 MACK DM
1997 - 2000 MACK DMM
2013 - 2014 MACK FREEDOM
2000 - 2011 MACK GRANITE
1997 - 2000 MACK LE
1997 - 2000 MACK MR
1980 - 2001 MACK MS200P MID-LINER
1981 - 2001 MACK MS250P MID-LINER
1981 - 2001 MACK MS300P MID-LINER
1981 - 1996 MACK MS300T MID-LINER
2006 - 2011 MACK PINNACLE
1997 - 2000 MACK RB
2013 - 2014 MACK RD
2007 - 2011 MACK TERRAPRO
2008 - 2011 MACK TITAN
2009 - 2011 MACK TITAN II
1999 - 2007 MACK VISION


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