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In 2011, the Japanese automaker Nissan has presented a new line of Mini Sport Utility Vehicles, called "Juke". Nissan Juke is based on the Nissan B platform and features 5-door SUV body style with 99.6 inches wheelbase. Four types of transmission are provided: 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, CVT, and 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (for the Juke-R model). Several engine options are available as well, including one Diesel 1.5 L Renault K9K I4 engine.

Nissan Juke features a new interpretation of the "coke bottle styling" with prominent wheel arches, slim side windows, and high waistline of the body. The Juke provides seating for five persons. This outstanding vehicle may come with a variety of features, according to the trim level and the market: iPod or USB connectivity, GPS navigation, rear-view camera, Bluetooth audio, and more.

There are three trim levels in Canada and the USA – S, SV, and SL. S is a base model and features CVT transmission. SV is a higher level. In the USA it comes with a standard I-CON system as well as optional 6-speed manual transmission and moonroof, while in Canada the I-CON system is offered as an option only. The SL is the highest level. In Canada it comes with a standard I-CON and Navigation systems, while in the USA the SL model includes additional features, such as leather seats, USB connectivity, and a rear-view camera.

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