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In 1992 the Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan has introduced Altima – a new series of mid-size cars. Nissan Altima has become popular in the United States very quickly and was the second best-selling car in 2011. The Altima was manufactured in five generations.

The first generation (1992–1997) was based on the Nissan Bluebird SSS and was called “Stanza Altima” at the beginning. The first Altimas were provided with KA24DE straight-4 DOHC engine with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Struts with stabilizer bars at both ends were composing the suspension. The second generation (1998–2001) was released on the American market only and featured redesigned interior.

In 2002 the third generation has started – it was based on Nissan's innovative FF-L platform. The third generation came with improved rear suspension and brakes. It was also available with V6 engine for first time. The fourth generation (2007–2012) was based on the smaller Nissan D platform. This generation featured shorter wheelbase, a new front and modified rear suspension. New technologies were provided as well – like Smart Key, Bluetooth capability for cell phones, and a parking camera.

The fifth, newest generation was launched in 2013. It is bigger, but more lightweight in comparison with the previous models. The steel and aluminum construction ensures both durability and light weight. The new Nissan Altima is available in five different trims. A new corporate grille is provided as well. The latest model, 2016 Nissan Altima will feature new front and rear bumpers, headlamps and taillamps.

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