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Mitsubishi Fuso

Mitsubishi has long been associated with speed and power, but their truck and bus division – Mitsubishi Fuso – shows they have what it takes when it comes to four-wheel drive too. Mitsubishi’s mega vehicle department has developed quite a reputation since coming to the fore in the mid-20th century. Drivers of larger vehicles are increasingly turning to Mitsubishi Fuso for strong and rugged models they can depend on. At Automotive Stuff, we stock and sell the parts required to help your Mitsubishi Fuso running to the best of its ability.

Power charge

Enormous vehicles like those in the Mitsubishi Fuso range require the very best batteries for a strong surge of power. At Automotive Stuff, we have a range of Optima Red-Top, Yellow-Top, and Blue-Top high-performance batteries – all available for various years, models, and engine sizes.

High-quality handling

Larger vehicles like buses and trucks run best with superb suspension systems in place, as these can play a huge role in handling ability. At Automotive Stuff, we stock a broad range of shock absorbers, struts, wheel spacers, level kits, and air spring kits – all of which can actively enhance your Mitsubishi Fuso’s suspension system.

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