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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER Schultz parts and accessories in the USA




Fifteen years ago, the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi started producing a new line of mid-size crossover SUVs, called "Outlander". The Outlander is a part of the Mitsubishi ASX concept and offers an excellent combination of high performance and superior economy. Mitsubishi Outlander was manufactured in three generations.

At the beginning, the model was released in 2001 with the name "Airtrek". It was available with front- and four-wheel drive body styles. Four I4 engine options were provided as well. In North America, Mitsubishi Outlander appeared in 2003 – it featured new front grille and headlights. The vehicle was also released on the South American markets where it was called "Montero Outlander".

The second generation (2005–2013) utilized the Mitsubishi GS platform and was known worldwide as "Outlander". It came with a slightly increased wheelbase, four transmission types and several engine options. Other great features include Mitsubishi's RISE safety body and a unique "Flap-Fold Tailgate". In 2010, the Outlander was upgraded with some exterior and interior modifications.

The third generation was launched in 2012. It comes with a new design and more safety features. The new Outlander is lighter than the previous generation. This, in combination with the lower drag coefficient, provides much better fuel economy. The newest model, 2016 Outlander, is available with a new styling, better sound insulation, thicker door glass, dynamic suspension, and more improvements. The four-cylinder models feature the advanced Jatco CVT8 transmission. A plug-in hybrid version (P-HEV) was released as well.

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