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The Mini is considered one of the all-time classic cars, and frequently tops polls to find the most iconic car of the twentieth century. Quintessentially British and forever linked in the popular imagination to the swinging sixties, it nevertheless has a worldwide appeal and a timeless quality that means it never seems dated.

Innovative design

The innovative design of the Mini, which makes the greatest possible use of a miniscule amount of space, was first unveiled in 1959 as a British response to the then-popular German bubble car. A key feature was the ground breaking rubber cone suspension system, and TDot performance can supply vital parts such as Mini coil springs, suspension bushings and lowering kits.

Compact performance car

One of the most popular Mini variants is the Mini Cooper. This compact sports performance car first appeared in 1961. Automotive Stuff supplies parts for the classic Mini Cooper, the Cooper Clubman, the Cooper Countryman and the Cooper Paceman. The engine is more powerful than a standard Mini and is racing tuned, with a fuel-injected version introduced from 1992 onwards. Replacing your Mini Cooper engine components can keep it roadworthy and competitive.

Modern compact

Today the Mini is a modern compact passenger car produced by BMW with all of the contemporary features you'd expect. Whether you choose the Clubman estate car, the Countryman SUV or the three-door crossover car that is the Mini Paceman, you can find everything you need from brake parts to ignition systems right here at TDot performance.

The car of choice

The Mini remains the car of choice for enthusiasts and practical drivers alike, perfect for getting around the busy urban centres but also a joy to modify and improve upon. Whatever kind of Mini owner you are you can call Automotive Stuff on 1-800-276-7566 or email us at for all your spare part needs.