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Lotus is a British brand renowned for creating cars with silky, lightweight designs and superb handling. Founded over sixty years ago, this popular UK vehicle manufacturer has a rich history in both the standard market and motorsports. Participating as a constructor in Formula One for decades, Lotus pioneered several innovative aerodynamic approaches that inspired the F1 cars of today, continuing to enhance its product line for the passenger car market in the process.

At Automotive Stuff, we have all the parts and accessories you could possibly need to keep your Lotus zipping along at high speeds and looking its very best.

Maintaining the Lotus look

As a Lotus owner, your car is undoubtedly your pride and joy. We have a wide range of interior and exterior accessories that can help you to keep your Lotus looking its absolute best. Our selection of car covers enable you to protect your vehicle from bad weather and water marks, while our fresh sets of wiper blades help you keep the windscreen clean and pristine. We also have floor mats to protect the integrity of the stylish interior, while our sunshades actively prevent sunlight from damaging upholstery.

Make your Lotus last

Automotive Stuff has products designed specifically to keep your Lotus firing on all cylinders, whether you’re heading out for a leisurely drive or hitting the racetrack. Our air intake and cooling systems maintain stable temperatures below the hood, while our exhaust and fuel systems keep emission issues at bay. There are Lotus performance chips available that can take your car to the next level, as well as a series of engine components and ignition systems that can breathe new life into your Lotus.

If you have any questions about the range of Lotus products available here at Automotive Stuff, don’t hesitate to give our friendly customer service advisers a call on 1-800-276-7566 or via email at sales@www.automotivestuff.com.