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The Lincoln motor company is one of the oldest automobile producers in America and remains a revered national brand. The business began back in 1917 and was soon taken over by Ford, but still retained its distinctive identity.

Classic design

Classic early models included the Lincoln Zephyr and the Lincoln Continental. The former name was revived as a four-door luxury sedan in 2006, while the Continental has continued through to a tenth generation model in 2017. Automotive Stuff is able to supply Lincoln Continental auto parts for models as far back as the introduction of the third generation in 1958, as well as the latest designs.

Smooth running

Lincoln is known for its classic American styling and large, smooth running luxury cars. These include sedans like the Lincoln Town Car and MKZ, SUVs like the Aviator, MKC and Navigator, and the MKT and MKX crossover ranges.

Vintage models

Automotive Stuff also supply vital engine components, brakes and other parts for models such as the Lincoln Blackwood pick-up truck, plus classic vintage models like the 1950s-era Lincoln Capri and Cosmopolitan. If you're a collector or enthusiast when it comes to these beautiful cars then we have the parts you need to keep them roadworthy.

Contemporary brand

The Lincoln Motor Company remains a contemporary brand however, and at Automotive Stuff we supply up to date parts for all the latest models as well as a selection of older and vintage cars. Whether you're looking after the transmission and drivetrain or replacing a worn-out suspension system, we've got you covered.

We've also got everything you need to successfully customise and accessorise your Lincoln. Adding a roof rack or bike rack can increase the luggage capacity, while chrome trim or new side mirrors can perk up appearances. If you've got an upgrade in mind, call us today on 1-800-276-7566.