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As Japan's biggest manufacturer of premium cars, Lexus has come to mean luxury for drivers and auto owners around the world. Whether you're driving a sedan, a convertible or an SUV, a Lexus means smooth running, reliability and comfort. Indeed, the brand has represented premium service, elegance and a top of the range motoring experience in Canada, North America, Europe and elsewhere for over 30 years.

Premium standard

To keep any vehicle running smoothly however requires a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep. At Automotive Stuff we can supply all the parts you need to personally maintain your Lexus vehicle at the premium standards you've come to expect.

Highest quality

Whether you're driving a hybrid hatchback like the Lexus CT200H, or a high-performance sports coupe like the Lexus RC F, you can come to us for brake parts, engine components, suspension systems and any number of internal or external parts and accessories. With regular maintenance and replacement when needed using only the highest quality products, your Lexus should remain a pride and joy for many years to come.

Power and discretion

Lexus models are known for their unobtrusive, purring engines that belie the sheer thrust and horsepower concealed beneath the hood. To keep that level of power and discretion regular servicing is required. At Automotive Stuff we can supply new motor mounts, exhaust systems and fuel pumps as needed, plus everything you might require to keep your Lexus's suspension system as comfortable as the day you purchased the vehicle.

Enhanced performance

Although Lexus models are already known for their premium performance and drive, some of us always want that little bit extra. At Automotive Stuff we have a range of Lexus performance chips and plug-in boosters designed with different Lexus models in mind that will further enhance your car's throttle response, acceleration and even fuel economy. Call today on 1-800-276-7566 or email us at to check availability.


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