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Kia cars have consistently been voted international car of the year since 2013 and it's not hard to see why. This South Korean manufacturer specialises in stylish, instantly recognisable vehicles that are also reliable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. From surprisingly roomy compacts like the Rio, Soul and Forte, up to SUVs like the Rondo and Sorento, Kia vehicles are economical and long lasting, especially when you can replace worn-out or inefficient parts from Automotive Stuff.

Kia brakes

With a classic family-oriented SUV like the Kia Spectra or the Kia Sportage, it's more important than ever to look after the brakes. At Automotive Stuff we can provide all the extra parts you'll need to ensure safety and effective slowing and stopping, without causing unnecessary wear or wastage. Whether you want to change the brake pads or the rotors, or purchase a full brake kit for over a dozen models, from the Kia Amanti to the Kia Sportage, we can provide the required parts for the full Kia range.

Enhanced performance

At Automotive Stuff we have an exciting selection of performance chips for the Kia Forte compact, the Kia Sportage SUV and the Kia Sedona minivan. For instance, a Jet V-Force power control module for the Forte can optimise horsepower, fuel economy and driveability while putting you in full control via its extensive monitoring systems.

Under the hood

Replacing various engine components or even the transmission and drivetrain could be necessary at a certain point in your Kia's life. You may also just want to tinker around under the hood for the sake of it, in order to modify your Kia vehicle to your own tastes. Whatever you need and for whatever reason, whether axle shafts, clutch bearings or transmission shifters, give Automotive Stuff a call on 1-800-276-7566 or email us at


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