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Kenworth makes your work easier with its large collection of medium and heavy-duty trucks. Since 1923, Kenworth has been designing and manufacturing custom trucks that excel in a wide range of vocational and on-highway applications. The company’s arsenal of high-end trucks includes the off-road conquering C500, the unstoppable W900, and the very reliable T800 among others. All these trucks place a huge emphasis on a sturdy and long-lasting build that is more than capable of withstanding harsh elements and unpredictable driving conditions. To further elevate the performance of these trucks, the automotive industry has developed a huge amount of aftermarket upgrades.

At Automotive Stuff, we give you the best prices for the most innovative Kenworth Parts and Accessories. We bestow improved performance and smoother handling through our suspension systems, engine components, batteries, and turbochargers. We have brake kits and brake components to ensure superb stoppage power on any driving condition. We improve your vehicle’s protection through exterior accessories like wind deflectors and car covers while interior upgrades such as sunshades and custom gauges are guaranteed assets to your Kenworth’s insides. Adding to that, we enhance driving visibility at night and at dark locations through light covers and other top-quality lighting upgrades.

Automotive Stuff is a highly regarded and authorized retailer of the latest Kenworth parts and accessories. We are trusted by the most well-regarded aftermarket brands such as Stoptech, Weathertech, KYB, Timbren, and Auto Ventshade to provide superior upgrades to car enthusiasts.


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