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JEEP J-3600

JEEP J-3600


This iconic American vehicle brand remains more popular than ever. Whether your daily drive takes you through miles of rugged wilderness or simply navigating the city streets, the jeep is functional, practical and a classic. The original 4x4 SUV, the jeep has evolved from a solid military staple to an all-purpose civilian favourite. Some models are still primarily designed for hardwearing off-road action, but the jeep has also adapted to cosmopolitan urban life without losing any of its characteristic no-nonsense flair.

All models

At Automotive Stuff we can provide parts and accessories for all current and most vintage models of jeep. This includes the Renegade, Cherokee and Wrangler, plus Sedan Delivery, Tornado, Truck, Patriot and many more. Just give us a call or email to check availability for all of your needs.

Engine parts

Even in the most hardwearing jeep, the engine components under the hood can wear out or become damaged. We can provide the new parts that you need to keep your jeep on the road. From camshafts to valve trains, brand new parts are available so that you don't need to trade in your old warhorse just yet.

Air intake systems

Keeping the engine cool is the key to ensuring it functions correctly, and if your air intake system is faulty or damaged then you need to sort it out as soon as possible. Replacement filters, parts and manifolds can make all the difference to your jeep's effectiveness and efficiency.

External accessories

One quality that makes the jeep an enduring favourite is its adaptability. At TDot performance we sell everything you need to make the most of your vehicle, from hard and soft tops to mudguards, spoilers, off-road bumpers and nerf bars. With a bit of help there's no reason why your jeep can't be both a city slicker and a hard-driving country boy from one day to the next.

Please call us on 1-800-276-7566 or email us at to check availability of products.