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ISUZU Car Batteries

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An enduring Japanese vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu dates back as far as 1916, and its products have a reputation for reliability and dependability. The company is primarily known for its rugged range of trucks that are in use all around the world. With the right maintenance and support, and the help of Automotive Stuff, an Isuzu vehicle is quite capable of lasting a lifetime.

Air intake

Using an alternative air intake system can improve the already impressive efficiency and performance of your Isuzu vehicle. Changing the filter can increase airflow and reduce air intake restrictions. Whether its tubes, manifolds or gaskets you need, we have the air intake parts for you.  

Engine components

At Automotive Stuff we can supply a wide range of replacement and additional engine parts for your Isuzu vehicle. These include oil coolers and oil filters alongside many other items like the BD diesel turbo boost control kit. These will help your Isuzu to keep going for its full long lifespan.

Fuel systems

In a modern vehicle like the Isuzu, the fuel filter needs to be correctly maintained and regularly replaced to prevent dirt and other impurities entering the engine. We have the right parts for your model, as well as new fuel pumps plus throttle bodies, throttle body boosters and throttle body spacers.


Because Isuzu vehicles are so hardwearing, many older models are still on the road, like the classic Isuzu Hombre pick-up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it- but if you want to update the look a little, we've got a great set of replacement wheels and trims to add a bit of modern style to that classic old Hombre.


Even on the toughest trucks, the front and rear lights are often the most vulnerable parts. At Automotive Stuff we supply a full selection of replacement bulbs and taillights, plus covers and mounts. Contact us today at 1-800-276-7566 or email us at [email protected] to check availability for all of your needs.


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