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In 1996, the South Korean Automobile manufacturer Hyundai has presented a new line of compact sports cars, named "Tiburon". The Tiburon features FF layout and 2-door 2+2 coupe body style. Hyundai Tiburon was manufactured in two generations.

The first generation (1996–2000) came with a new version of the "coke bottle styling" and featured 97.4 inches wheelbase. This generation was equipped with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Three engine options were offered – 1.6 L (111 hp), 1.8 L (130 hp) and 2.0 L I4 Beta I DOHC (140 hp) engine.

The second generation was launched in 2000. It came with a new design and bigger size with increased wheelbase. Hyundai also presented a new engine option – a 2.7 L V6 Delta (167 bhp) (172 h) engine. Plus, the Tiburon was provided with a variety of modern features, such as: anti-lock brakes, side impact protection bars, electric windows, sunroof, trip computer, sports seats, alloy wheels, and many more. However, Hyundai Tiburon was discontinued in 2008.

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