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In 2002, Hummer – a division of the legendary American automobile manufacturer General Motors – has introduced a new line of SUVs, named "H2". In comparison with H1, Hummer H2 is bigger, yet taller and slimmer. The H2 model is available with room for six or seven passengers, including the driver.

Hummer H2 features 4-door SUV body style, 122.8 in wheelbase and front engine four-wheel drive layout. The first H2 vehicles were provided with a 6.0L 325 hp engine and 4L65E 4-speed transmission. The models from 2008 and 2009 are equipped with a 6.2L 393 hp engine and 6L80E 6-speed automatic transmission. Hummer H2 comes with a variety of useful features, such as: air conditioning with tri-zone climate controls, cruise control, heated front and rear seats, BOSE premium sound system, independent front torsion bar suspension, and more. Some optional features are available as well: adjustable rear suspension, a wide power sunroof, navigation system, etc.

In 2005, a SUT ("sport utility truck") version was released. It is determined as a pick-up truck, because it can haul the same cargo as most trucks. The H2 SUT is based on the GMT913 platform and features 4-door crew cab truck body style. The wheelbase is the same as in the SUV model. However, all H2 models were discontinued in 2010 after General Motors announced that the Hummer brand has been ended.

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