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Part #1790

Hotchkis 1790 - Red Zerk Caps

Part #1790
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If you've misplaced or accidentally damaged the zerk fitting caps for your Hotchkis ball joints and bushings, then this might lead to dirt and other impurities entering the inner workings of your greaseable suspension bushings. This set replacement plastic caps are designed to mount over metal nozzles or zerk fittings where lubricating grease is pumped into Hotchkis polyurethane bearings. It prevents contaminants from hardening on your grease nozzle which can work their way into your grease gun fitting and into your vehicle's bushings. Available in black or red, these snap-on fittings can be installed and removed easily.

The circular open end on the other side of the tether stretches as it slides around the grease nozzle fitting. This O-shaped open-end stretches because it has a smaller diameter compared to the zerk fitting itself. But upon installation, the O-shaped loop will revert back to its smaller shape keeping the cap securely in place.


  • Zerk Cap
  • Red
  • 25 Pack


  • Made from High-Quality Materials for Maximum Durability
  • Guaranteed Hotchkis Craftsmanship
  • Available in Black and Red Zerk Caps
  • Universal Product That May Not Be Compatible With All Makes and Models
  • Made in the USA

High-performance vehicles need the best suspension system, and that is what Hotchkis Sport Suspension delivers. The company specializes in CAD-aided designing, modeling, and constructing aftermarket suspension components that are thoroughly developed and tested for maximum performance.

Hotchkis has more than 30 years of experience in the racing industry and has in-depth knowledge about how to make bolt-on suspension effective. The company was founded in the gateway city of Santa Fe Springs in the late 1960s when muscle cars were all the rage. Their products are known for their supreme capability to handle and corner stably at incredible speeds.

What makes Hotchkis stand out as a brand is its dedication to properly fitting components and top tier finishes that use gloss powder coating, gold cad plating, silver zinc, and colorful anodizing to provide a sleek look. They manufacture control arms, airbags, Panhard rods, lowering springs, coilovers, and more.

Hotchkis promises high-quality suspension products by ensuring that all performance-tested components pass their stringent engineering standards. Any product that does not meet such criteria is redesigned, reconstructed, and retested. Maintaining ride quality is any driver's demand, and Hotchkis offers that with some of the most stable suspension systems engineered by their team of experts.

Part Number:1790


  • Zerk Cap
  • Red
  • 25 Pack

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