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In 1978 the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda introduced a new line of sports two-door coupes that was called "Prelude". It was the first vehicle produced by Honda with a musically related name. Honda Prelude was manufactured in five generations.

The first generation (1978 – 1982) was the first Honda model provided with a power moonroof as standard equipment. The earliest Preludes were available with "EL" SOHC eight-valve 1602 cc (non-CVCC) inline-four engine and either the standard five-speed manual or a two-speed "Hondamatic" semi-automatic transmission. The second generation (1982–1987) used a completely new platform and featured pop-up headlights – they provided more aerodynamic front clip and decreased the drag. In 1985 Honda Prelude Si models with fuel injection were released.

The third generation has started in 1987 with new style and modern features. Four years later, a new generation was released. It came with more powerful engine, fixed headlights and a steel sliding sunroof. The fifth and last generation was launched in 1996. This final generation featured new aluminum alloy wheels with all-season 205/50 R16 87V tires. The fifth generation Preludes were also available with 11.1" front brakes and rear wind screen wipers (except for the Xi model). However, other Honda models became more popular and Honda Prelude was discontinued in 2001.

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