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In 2001 the Japanese automaker Honda introduced a new series of 4-door subcompact cars, called "Fit". Honda Fit is built on the Honda Global Small Car platform and features front-engine, front-wheel drive layout. The Fit model was manufactured in three generations.

The first generation (2001–2008) has become popular very quickly. Honda Fit has won the Car of the Year Japan Award at its introduction in 2001. The first Honda Fit came with three engine options: 1.2 L L12A I4 (petrol), 1.3 L L13A I4 (petrol), and 1.5 L L15A I4 (petrol) engine. Three types of transmissions were provided – 5-speed manual, 5-speed automatic, and CVT automatic transmission. The first generation also featured 96.5 in. wheelbase. In this period, there were six Honda Fit models: GD1, GD2, GD3, GD4, GD5, and GE3.

The second generation (2007–2014) came identically as the first generation – by winning the Car of the Year Japan Award as its introduction in 2007. This generation featured longer wheelbase and improved interior volume. The structural rigidity of the chassis was greatly enhanced. As a result, Honda Fit offers an excellent combination of superior ride and handling. A hybrid version was also released in 2010.

The third generation was launched in 2013. It is based on a completely new platform and more durable construction – 27% of its body is built from very strong 780 MPa yield steel. The third generation came with a slightly shorter wheelbase and new engine options. Three types of transmission were provided as well – 6-speed manual, 7-speed semi-automatic (DCT), and CVT automatic transmission.

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