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GMC is a division of the legendary American automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM). Nowadays, GMC has leading positions in producing high grade pickup and commercial trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles and SUVs. One of the most awesome light-duty trucks, offered by GMC, is the Sierra 1500 model.

GMC Sierra 1500 provides an excellent combination of high performance, attractive appearance, improved fuel economy and superior safety. In comparison with other light duty pickup, GMC Sierra 1500 brings much higher horsepower and torque. Highest trailer weight rating is guaranteed as well – the new model, 2015 GMC Sierra, features trailer weight rating of up to 12,000 lbs. Sierra's Ecotec3 engines are very efficient and powerful. This is possible, because Sierra's engines come combined with a 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission. These outstanding engines are also available with Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management and Variable Valve Timing technologies. As a result, you will get an ideal mixture of power and fuel efficiency. There is no matter if you use your vehicle for trailering and hauling or you prefer highway cruising and commuting – GMC Sierra 1500 is definitely the best option for you! This magnificent vehicle has also a very stylish interior, which delivers maximum comfort. GMC's knowledgeable experts have constructed almost two-thirds of the Sierra cab structure from sturdy, high quality steel – and this ensures greater durability. The new 2015 GMC Sierra is provided with the most innovative technologies that ensure highest safety and help you in challenging situations.

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