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Yet another masterpiece by Ford in its fantastic line of trucks, the F-250 is simply phenomenal. Sturdier and capable of carrying more heavy duty load, the F-250 was initially just a heavier version of the F-150 but has become so much more as the years have gone by. Tagged as "Super Duty" by Ford, the F-250 is a brutal force to be reckoned with.

Some of the features that made the F-250 different from the F-150 were introduced close to the new millennium. A heavier body accompanied with stronger engine parts and new accessories made the F-250 a completely new animal to the F-150. The F-250 shared no similar exterior body parts with the F-150 aside from the taillights. Likewise, Ford included more cab options for the F-250, including the "SuperCab” and "Crew Cab" options which allowed for up to six passengers. By the middle of the noughties, more changes were introduced by Ford as the F-250 was restyled. Some of the major changes included a stronger alternator with greater current capacity and the "Fail Safe Cooling System" which protected the engine by lowering the number of cylinders when faced with loss of coolant.

The 2016 Ford Super Duty is better than ever before. With a 6.7L Gas V8 engine, the Super Duty achieves unparalleled standard gas horsepower and torque. The 6.7L Turbo Diesel V8 is unmatched for diesel fuel economy and the top-notch emissions systems boasts revolutionary technology that sets new heights in emission standards.

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